Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Me and my friend Slice went to Lipa, Batangas over the weekend. We stayed at her friend's place. It was not a planned visit, it's actually a last minute thing. We just wanted to go somewhere that weekend and ended up going there. 

On our second day there, that was Sunday, I craved for coffee. We were planning to go to Starbucks Lipa, but Ate Karen, who is a true blue Batanguena mentioned that there's a coffee shop near Starbucks Lipa that tastes the same like Starbucks' coffee but is actually made from Kapeng Barako. Batangas is known for their strong tasting Kapeng Barako and is usually served hot brewed. But Cafe de Lipa made it with different twists and keep up with other famous coffee shops. They also served iced coffee, frappes, lattes and yummy pastries that will go along with your choice of coffee. 

Their coffee is so good, it's just like your favorite coffees at Starbucks. The ambiance is so nice too. I feel proud that we Filipinos can also make a world class kind of coffee. They have several branches as well, but mostly in Lipa, Batangas. I hope they expand more to different places, they'll definitely beat other known coffee shops.

- Slice -

- with Ate Karen -

Coffee Lover!

Cafe de Lipa
Main Branch : 
32 San Carlos Drive, Mataas na Lupa 
Lipa City, Batangas


  1. One thing I don't understand with Pinoys is that, they keep on coming back to Starbucks knowing that a lot of local coffee shop serves frappes and lattes that tastes exactly like what Starbucks has.. I loove barako! :)

  2. I guess, one main reason is because Starbucks is everywhere. I hope Cafe de Lipa would have more branches too.


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