Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last Sunday was my colleague's post birthday celebration. The night was so much fun that we ended it around 3am. Alcohol was all over the place and I did drink a lot, I am not denying. I thought I was just okay, not until I woke up the next day...

burning stomach

a mouth that tastes like crap
major hangover

Note: I am just a social drinker and not an alcoholic... LOL!

• the photo was taken that night •


  1. ahaha, sorry. I couldn't stop laughing about your last sentence. This photo was like a self-prediction for the next day's state. poor dear, drinking Coke usually works for me. If you can buy that korean noodles "shin rameon", it really removes my hang-over. What about you? How do you deal with hangover? Tell me what works for you ok? Take enough rest =)

  2. @ evilsquirrel01: funny, right? i thought i was really ok, then there came the next day. lol. we're the same, drinking soda with lots of ice, works for me as well, then i slept all day.

  3. woah thats pretty mess
    its hard to have a hangover its a shit thing after u drunk ..:)

    btw ina ??
    can i have your facebook ??:)


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