Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am planning to cover the tattoo at my upper back and I don't have an idea yet what design to put. The tattoo on my upper back is just so hard to cover up. I wanted to put like a sun or a cross to cover it, but I can't see yet the exact design I want.

I wanted to have these tattoos as well...

Still thinking if I'll add another one or just cover up the one at my upper back. I wanted to darken the tatts on my lower back too. The photo below is the one that I want to cover up...

i am missing the touch of needles on my skin...


  1. hello ina =)

    my bf had his previous tattoo covered up last year. So i can relate with this post.

    I like the fairy, looks interesting, very feminine, mystical, magical, mysterious, sexy...

    but, the major decision is still up to you because it seems to me that you are more interested with the rosary since you posted more than one photos.

    good luck =)

  2. @ Jing: I love the fairy too.. But I don't think those designs can cover my current tattoo. Just thinking to have another tatts with one of those photos.. Thanks for your suggestion, very much appreciated!

  3. I would go for the fairy if I were you.. Like Jing said magical.

  4. @ Silent Poet Klaus: thanks for the comment. i really like the fairy too.


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