Thursday, February 4, 2010


I hate days like this... You feel tired and restless but sleeping is just so impossible. I wonder why? Yesterday was the same scenario, I can't sleep either. When I forced myself to bed, it only makes me harder to have a sleep. I am really hating it...

wishing to have a good sleep like this, NOW...


  1. This quite often happens to me, then I find myself curled up in front of the T.V. watching some mind-numbing movie, and falling asleep only to wake up freezing, and having to crawl into my bed just to get warmed up!
    Actually, I find putting on a calming C.D., such as Enya's "Watermark" helps me to drift off!

  2. @ Alice in Wonderland: It always happen to me as well and i just hate it. Haha! Listening to music doesn't work for me. I really don't have an idea what ritual I must do for me to get asleep fast. Thanks for the comment.


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