Monday, February 22, 2010


I had a team building yesterday with my colleagues. We ended up doing it in a pool resort. Most of us don't like it though, 'coz the resort got lots of people that time. But we still had fun at the end of day. I feel like a kid whenever I am on pools. I really don't know how to swim (haha!) and it's funny how I would always want to be in the water. They forced me to try the slides, 'coz I really am afraid, I haven't done that in a long time. I eventually give in to their request, when I tried it, I had liked it but I never attempt to have a second try. LOL! It's so nice doing stuffs and feeling as if you are a kid again...


  1. That's all i do when everything is a blur and everyone you see seems faceless. I tap the kid inside me let him do things so I can survive this chaotic world.

  2. @ Silent Poet Klaus: I like what you said 'tap the kid inside'.. I totally agree with that. It's nice to have fun and have no worries even for just a while.. Thanks for the comment!


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