Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's been three weeks now since I've resigned from work, and since then I've been spending my day in front of the computer. Watching videos, listening to musics, networking, chatting, blogging, editing pictures, games, everything you can do to a computer, name it, I've been doing that everyday. I smoke a lot than my usual just to get out of being bored. Then I eat, eat, eat and sleep, sleep, sleep. I go out once in a while when my friends are not at work, but I missed going to work too. Can't wait till next week to start my new work. Now I realized that boredom is such a pain in the ass!!!


  1. hahahaaaa sounds like the time of your life, i bet i can give you one or two things that can keep you occupied for atleast weaks at a time,.,.

    _velkan lowell

  2. @ velkan lowell: those days were gone.. busy at work now.. :)


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