Thursday, September 3, 2009


Always do what you want to do,
though the end may not always be what you hoped for,
but that’s fine,
at least you will never go through life wondering

This line had been my guide in life, and I can say that it had done much in me. Whenever I say this to myself, it gives me the courage to opt for what I want. I’ve been on this world for 25 years now and I happen to come across a lot of things. I treat life as a journey, wherein we have to decide which road we want to travel.

It’s hard when the time comes that you have to pick and choose. Me, I always go for what I feel at the moment. I was never afraid to make my dreams a reality and to do what I always wished for. But of course there are decisions in life that didn’t end up the way we expected it to be. I’ve done a lot of mistakes in my life and I am not ashamed of that, there’s not even a bit of resentment inside me. The reason is, because I wanted it, I myself decide for it and not other people. That is the pleasure of following your will.

What is the sense of freedom if we are not free to make mistakes? We are always afraid of not fitting into this world, of not being accepted, and that stopped us from doing what we have always wanted. A mistake in life doesn’t make a person less. Never think of mistakes as an end to your journey but rather think of it as one of those streets that will lead you to the road of success…


  1. This is really so very inspiring be honest I've always been the opposite, fearful of not being to able to perform...scared of the unknown and unseen and never been able to live life on my own terms and conditions...But always longed loved this one....BY the way I share my Birthday with your Dad.... :-)

    Wao...if freedom means the courage to make mistakes....I am on man...this is too good. Poetry till date has been freedom in true sense for me..

  2. Thanks imagination. I just don't understand why people are so scared to make mistakes. I don't see anything wrong with that, as long as you know how to correct them. Nobody's perfect and everyone has the right to make mistakes.

    By the way, belated happy birthday. ^_^

  3. thanks for mention this. I think if we believe in destiny we can achieve what we seek if we really taste the hard and non-pity way which leads our hopes to our aims along the test

  4. Believing in destiny is not bad. But it will be better to say that we are the ones who built our destiny. Thanks for commenting Aznzar.


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