Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I was just browsing some blogs
when this title cau
ght my attention:

McDonald’s #1 everywhere: Except the Philippines!

and when I clicked on the link to open it,
this graphic reall
y made me laugh...

In the Philippines, we have our very own Jollibee...

They are like the rival food chains here in the Philippines. I guess Filipinos are just patronizing their own or they really like the food better in Jollibee than McDonalds. Haha. No offense meant, I know Ronald McDonald is loved around the world, have to admit that I myself is a certified lover of McDonald's desserts, so yummy. But I love the burger of Jollibee way too much than McDonalds. Lol. Peace everyone.


  1. tol..its so funny..is that true?..im way happy with that news..like you im inlove with mcdonalds but im missing jollibee spaghetti so much..anyways..thats a good news..

  2. haha.. it is true.. click the link in this post, that's the blog that I read..

  3. Thanks for commenting! I really like your blog. Keep it up! x

  4. thanks iida.. i love reading your blog too.. really nice..


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