Thursday, September 17, 2009


i just missed being a kid...

playing non-stop all day
eating ice creams without caring if it's on your face
licking every flavor of lollipops
still liking chocolates until your tooth aches
watching cartoons all weekends
just wait for the school bus to come and fetch you
asking mom to help you with home works
letting dad to do the things you can't
waiting for Santa Claus on Holidays
spending summer on vacations
laughing out loud without a care
burst out a cry when you don't want anymore

to sum it all up...



  1. uuhh ;)

    and who dooes not miss those days ..

    well thnx god tht some of wht u mentioned is my habits .. i watch cartoon, i eat choc. + lollipops ;p .. and one m=of my trade marks is laughing out loud without caring ;D .. thts really annoying to some pple but to me is to have fun ..

    luvd ur blog ;*

    xx, H

  2. we can still do those stuffs even if we are a bit older... but the thing is, kids have nothing to worry about, and that's what i truly missed... :(

    thanks for the comment and being my follower...

  3. Hi, Ina.. thank you for visiting my blog.. I like your blog too.

    And i sooo missed being a kid!
    Who would want these adult problems, anyways?

    Now following! take care..

  4. i love reading your blog, so transparent.

    thanks for the comment and for following.

  5. This blog made me smile....there is something magical in that time of childhood.

  6. I totally agree with you Tracy. It is just so magical that you would always want to go back and experience it again....


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