Tuesday, September 8, 2009


rain, rain, go away,
come again another day...

It's been raining here since Friday and it still keeps on raining now. I hate rains, gives you a lazy mood. You really can't do a lot outside, such a hassle.

But then I remember, when I was a child, I used to like rains and would really want to go outside and play. But my Mom
just won't let me, she said that I'll just get sick if I do that. So I am just so envy to watched other kids play in the rain instead.

I started to hate rains as I grow older. Feels like you're missing a lot of fun, it makes you lazy to go out and don't have any choice but to stay home. And that's what I'm feeling now that it's raining, so lazy...


  1. hehe ..its raining here to .

    its been 1week ..

    yah your right it feels so lazy

    but then,i just reading blogs to entertain my self

    can we start talking .. about anything..:]

  2. i also read a lot of blogs.. just can't help but be amazed of other person's writings..

  3. yah you're right

    im so amazed of the other person's blogs

    and i like reading your post too..

    it seems like i know what you feel when im reading your posts .. hehe

  4. Great minds think alike... sometimes, anyway.

    I took a near identical shot for my blog about 6 months ago: Through These Eyes - while feeling a bit melancholic



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