Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just can't help but feel bad for Taylor Swift during the
MTV Video Music Awards. Kanye West was way too harsh. He had just ruined that supposed to be a special moment for Taylor Swift, which I think deserve the award as well. Beyonce is really good, no questions about that, but Taylor Swift had proved her worth too. It's okay to speak up your mind but we should not do that when we are already stepping on someone else's toes. We should know how to be sensitive on the feelings of others. Better think first before you do something that you will later regret. Beyonce had won the Video of the Year at the end of the evening, and it was just so nice of her calling Taylor Swift back on stage to have her moment. Kanye West did gave an apology for Taylor Swift, and that had just made him look more than a loser...


  1. He isn't worth my time or attention. He showed the world who he "really is".

  2. You are so right. I was really upset that he just went up there, and stole the spotlight. Not only is it rude, but also disrespectful.

  3. @ Matty : That is just Kanye being Kanye, such a jerk.

    @ Paulina : Very disrespectful, thinking that he just act that way in front of a very big audience.

    Thanks for the comments...

  4. Kanye shouldn't be allowed on Mtv anymore. This isn't the first time.


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