Monday, September 7, 2009


swim against the waves...
go against the flow...

When I read this phrase on one of my friend's wall on Facebook, it catches my attention. It is very well said that I couldn't stop wondering what it would mean for him.

I commented :

very well said...

then he answered :

but do it in a subtle way.. not stepping on anyone's toes..
win-win situation for everyone..

i answered back :

never afraid to break the rules huh..

then he explained :

something like that..
but not really breaking the one's you already knew.
because there are some rules
that are not known to many and they do work.
makes your life even more happy. this is one of them.

i asked :

trying to make a difference? just like anyone else..

he just replied with :

yes ma'am...

Then it leaves a question on my mind. His answers were vague for me, though I understand his explanation. I just thought that, yeah, some people are really breaking the rules to make a difference. While some are making their own rules to leave a mark. I guess we really don't need to do those things after all. I believe that we are different and unique in our own special ways. Be yourself and that alone is being different, no extra efforts needed. Just a thought...


  1. ..i like it have an inner talent pala..haha..ngayon ko lang will be a good writer someday when you grow up....haha..keep it up..

  2. hey ina ..

    whats your facebook ??

    can i add you ??

    thx ..
    i like your blog ..:P

  3. thanks for the comments..

  4. just stumbled on to your blog via leelikesphotography.

    Following you, hope you can do the same :)

  5. thanks p.t. not a problem..

  6. I loved this. Very well written. I'm coming back to read it again for sure =]

    I will follow this blog.

    Feel free to visit mine =P

  7. thank you very much cory.. i'm gonna check your blog.. i love reading.. :)

  8. i like reading your post ina .. sometimes visit mine:] i 'll follow you

  9. sure popoy.. not a problem..

  10. I am here from the Art Blog Hop. I love the photo and sentiment.

    But you did not post the blog hop code, so it does not work as a blog hop!

  11. i really don't know much about the blog hop..

    and by the way, i don't want to take the credits for the photo, i just got that on the web. lol.

    i'm gonna work on the blog hop..



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