Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am hearing a lot about Maginhawa St. at UP Teacher's Village. How a lot of restaurants are there in which they offer sumptuous meal for affordable prices. So yesterday, it was Saturday afternoon, I am just curious and so eager to go to that place. I send a text message to my high school friends and invited them to eat out. I truly love them, because they give in though it is a short notice. We were planning to see each other anyways, we just can't find time. Oh well, unplanned things as they say, were the best!

It was just me and Leslie at first. We walk along that street and look for a restaurant that has a feel-home ambiance, since our friend Lhan, will be bringing her 6 month old son. We decided to dine in at Cocina Juan. It was a very cozy place, seems like you were just in the living room of your own house. The place was not big, has no-fuss interiors, but I do like the red and yellow painted walls. They also have an outdoor dining area with tables that has cool tiles, it's perfect for coffee and some cigarette.

Here's what we have on our table:

Pesto Con Aligue Pasta
- My food. This is their specialty when it comes to pasta. It tastes good, I just ask for more Parmesan cheese because it's a little tasteless for me or maybe I just like salty foods. 

Cocina Juan Pesto Pasta (Leslie's food)

Cocina Juan Pesto Pasta (Lhan's food)

Pita Pizza
- Did not enjoyed it. I didn't like the taste of the pizza sauce.

Potato Wedges
- I like the best! A little crisp with tasty flavor of seems like garlic powder and it becomes more delicious when you dip it into the garlic mayo.

Overall, the place and food was superb!

I also had their coffee which is really great. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of it. But I do have a pic while sipping their
Hot Cafe Moka...

And these were my best high school buds that I haven't seen for a long time... 

(Me, Lhan, Leslie)

So, if you were a food lover like me, you will definitely enjoy Maginhawa St. I already have in mind what would be my next stop. Heehee. =)

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