Monday, January 17, 2011


Taking photos has always been a pleasurable pastime for me. I often bring my point and shoot camera then and take pictures of anything I would like to. That's why I decided to buy an entry level dslr camera last December to be a little more serious of this hobby.

Others think that if you already have this kind of camera, then all your photos will turned out great. I am sorry but it is actually not. Having it will require quality time to get to know that thing! LOL. My new camera has been with me for like almost 2 months now and ask me what settings to do for a certain shot - I'll laugh hard at you coz in all honesty, I don't have any clue!

Talk about ISO, shutter speed, aperture and all others? Oh please, give me some time to comprehend baby. Haha! I am one impatient person who really can't endure reading manuals and watching online video tutorials. But I know that I should force myself to. Because if not, then I won't really be able to master it. 

It still excites me though, but what I need now is patience for me to really learn the do's and don'ts. I am actually thinking of making another blog and posts there the photos, so I could also see if it is improving or what not. Hoping I could find time soon!


  1. Im waiting for your photo blog....^_^

  2. i already have one before, i was using point and shoot camera for that. but i am planning to make another one for the dslr shots that i have.

    check my photo blog:

  3. Ina, i love photography, it always amazes me and i feel jealous of all the pretty photos that i see online. I envy them for having such awesome cameras and of course the magic that these talented people have. well, it has always been my dream to have dslr camera, but i can't afford it right now. so please, do post some to your photo blog. i'll surely enjoy your learning journey.

  4. @ springbubble: I also envy those peeps who have an eye for photography. I'm sure you'll be able to have your own dslr in the future. Hope to find time for that new photo blog. =)

  5. I do love photography and I also want my own DSLR camera. But still saving money for it.

    I hope you can master your camera. :)

  6. @ DeejSpeaks: I am badly hoping too. Fingers crossed!


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