Saturday, January 29, 2011


BANCHETTO is an Italian word which means 'feast'. Along Ortigas, there's this event every Friday which they called Banchetto. They have a big portion of the road closed and you will see there a lot of stalls which offer different kinds of food. Name it and for sure they'll be able to grant the food you're craving for.

I heard a lot about it but it was my first time to be there last night. Together with some friends (which by the way, was their first time to be there as well), we pave our way to the crowd to check each foods that they have. It was difficult to select what to eat, 'coz when you're there, seems like you want to taste and try them all. Not to mention the thick group of people which you will bump in, it's like shopping at a mall during a  holiday rush. That's why I was not able to take a lot of photos because of the crowd.

But it was a good experience. They only have that once a week, from Friday night or 12 midnight (technically Saturday) until the Saturday sun shows up. The best part of going to places like this is you have the opportunity to try a dish that is something new and exciting. Don't be tame by sticking to what you are used to. Just try it, if you didn't like the food then walk to the next stall.

There are tables and chairs provided at the end of the street, but with the number of people there, lucky for you if you will get one. So our friend Kate, was just so prepared that she brought a table and 4 chairs. Haha! It's like we are having a picnic, not under a tree this time but with all those high buildings.

I loooove this Aligue Rice that I bought. YUMMY! It's just 65 pesos and it has a big serving. 

I will definitely come back there!


  1. i wanna go there also...

  2. go and visit the place.. dito ka nman sa pilipinas.. =)


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