Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Got a wedding to attend to tonight. A very good friend of mine will be officially married starting tonight and moving forward. The venue is too familiar for me, I am sure it will bring old good memories from the past. Because I had my own wedding at the exact same place.

 I am happy for them. I feel excited, I love weddings! That's how optimistic I am, though mine was not the wedding I've wanted plus the fact that it didn't worked out. Just because my marriage was not a happily ever after, it doesn't mean that I would need to be cynical about it. 

I think I am more excited than the bride. Haha! Will post photos and I hope I get to use my camera right.


  1. aw. congratulation to your friend. I also love weddings:)<3

  2. Thanks Yam. As of this writing, I am actually here at their house. The wedding is done and I actually told her your greetings. =)

  3. i love you
    your marriage may not be successful, but we have different stories right??? it's not successful but it doesn't mean that you're sad...

    I can feel that You are MUCH HAPPIER NOW...


  4. I love you too Moi.. and yes, I am much happier now..


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